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MOUNT_ADOS(8)           OpenBSD System Manager's Manual          MOUNT_ADOS(8)

     mount_ados - mount an AmigaDOS file system

     mount_ados [-o options] [-u uid] [-g gid] [-m mask] special node

     The mount_ados command attaches the AmigaDOS filesystem residing on the
     device special to the global filesystem namespace at the location indi-
     cated by node.  This command is invoked by mount(8) when using the syntax

         mount [options] -t ados special node

     The special device must correspond to a partition registered in the

     mount(8) is normally run at boot time, but can be used by any user to
     mount an AmigaDOS file system on any directory that they own (provided,
     of course, that they have appropriate access to the device that contains
     the file system).

     The options are as follows:

     -o options
             Use the specified mount options, as described in mount(8).

     -u uid  Set the owner of the files in the file system to uid.  The de-
             fault owner is the owner of the directory on which the file sys-
             tem is being mounted.

     -g gid  Set the group of the files in the file system to gid.  The de-
             fault group is the group of the directory on which the file sys-
             tem is being mounted.

     -m mask
             Specify the maximum file permissions for files in the file sys-
             tem.  (For example, a mask of 755 specifies that, by default, the
             owner should have read, write, and execute permissions for files,
             but others should only have read and execute permissions.  See
             chmod(1) for more information about octal file modes.)  Only the
             nine low-order bits of mask are used.  The default mask is taken
             from the directory on which the file system is being mounted.

     mount(2), disklabel(5), fstab(5), disklabel(8), mount(8), umount(8)

     The mount_ados utility first appeared in NetBSD 0.9b.

     The ados filesystem currently supports the Amiga fast file system.

OpenBSD 3.6                      April 7, 1994                               1