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MOPD(8)                 OpenBSD System Manager's Manual                MOPD(8)

     mopd - MOP loader daemon

     mopd [-adf] [interface]

     mopd services MOP Load requests on the Ethernet connected to interface or
     all interfaces if -a is given.  In a load request received by mopd a
     filename can be given.  This is the normal case for, e.g., terminal
     servers.  If a filename isn't given mopd must know what image to load.

     Upon receiving a request, mopd checks if the requested file exists in
     /tftpboot/mop.  The filename is normally all uppercase and with an exten-
     sion of .SYS.  If the filename isn't given, the Ethernet address of the
     target is used as filename (e.g., 08002b09f4de.SYS), and it might be a
     soft link to another file.

     mopd supports two kinds of files.  The file is first checked to see if it
     is in a.out(5) format.  If not, a few of Digital's formats are checked.

     In normal operation, mopd forks a copy of itself and runs in the back-
     ground.  Anomalies and errors are reported via syslog(3).

     The options are as follows:

     -a      Listen on all the Ethernets attached to the system.  If -a is
             omitted, an interface must be specified.

     -d      Run in debug mode, with all the output to stdout.  The process
             will run in the foreground.

     -f      Run in the foreground.


     mopa.out(1), mopchk(1), mopprobe(1), moptrace(1), bpf(4)

     DECnet Digital Network Architecture Phase IV, Maintenance Operations
     Functional Specification V3.0.0, AA-X436A-TK.

     DECnet Digital Network Architecture, Maintenance Operations Protocol
     Functional Specification V4.0.0, EK-DNA11-FS-001.

     Mats O Jansson <mojATstacken.se>

     a.out(5) isn't supported yet on non-BSD implementations (otherOS).

OpenBSD 3.6                   September 24, 1995                             1