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MIXER(8)                  BSD System Manager's Manual                 MIXER(8)

     mixer -- set/display soundcard mixer values

     mixer [-f device] [-s] [dev [[+|-]lvol[:[+|-]rvol]]] ...
     mixer [-f device] [-s] recsrc ...
     mixer [-f device] [-s] {^|+|-|=}rec rdev ...

     The mixer utility is used to set and display soundcard mixer device lev-
     els.  It may also be used to start and stop recording from the soundcard.
     The list of mixer devices that may be modified are:

           vol, bass, treble, synth, pcm, speaker, mic, cd, mix, pcm2, rec,
           igain, ogain, line1, line2, and line3.

     Not all mixer devices are available.

     Without any arguments, mixer displays the current settings for all sup-
     ported devices, followed by information about the current recording input
     devices.  If the dev argument is specified, mixer displays only the value
     for that dev.

     To modify the mixer value dev, the optional left and right channel set-
     tings of lvol[:rvol] may be specified.  The lvol and rvol arguments may
     be from 0 - 100.  Omitting dev and including only the channel settings
     will change the main volume level.

     If the left or right channel settings are prefixed with + or -, the value
     following will be used as a relative adjustment, modifying the current
     settings by the amount specified.

     If the -s flag is used, the current mixer values will be displayed in a
     format suitable for use as the command-line arguments to a future invoca-
     tion of mixer (as above).

     To change the recording device you use one of:

           ^rec  toggles rdev of possible recording devices

           +rec  adds rdev to possible recording devices

           -rec  removes rdev from possible recording devices

           =rec  sets the recording device to rdev

     The above commands work on an internal mask.  After all the options have
     been parsed, it will set then read the mask from the sound card.  This
     will let you see EXACTLY what the soundcard is using for the recording

     The option recsrc will display the current recording devices.

     The option -f device will open device as the mixer device.

     /dev/mixer  the default mixer device


     The mixer utility first appeared in FreeBSD 2.0.5.

     Original source by Craig Metz <cmetzATthor.edu> and Hannu
     Savolainen.  Mostly rewritten by John-Mark Gurney <jmgATFreeBSD.org>.
     This manual page was written by Mike Pritchard <mppATFreeBSD.org>.

BSD                             January 9, 1997                            BSD