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MAP-MBONE(8)            OpenBSD System Manager's Manual           MAP-MBONE(8)

     map-mbone - Multicast connection mapper

     map-mbone [-d level] [-fgn] [-r count] [-t seconds] [starting_router]

     map-mbone attempts to display all multicast routers that are reachable
     from the multicast router starting_router.  If not specified on the com-
     mand line, starting_router is ``localhost''.

     map-mbone sends an ASK_NEIGHBORS IGMP message to starting_router.  A re-
     sponse contains the multicast version number of starting_router and the
     addresses of all its neighboring multicast routers.  If the multicast
     version number is recent, then map-mbone requests additional information
     such as metrics, thresholds, and flags.

     If a recursive search has been requested (see -f), map-mbone repeats the
     above operation for each new multicast router in the list of neighbors
     and continues the process until no new multicast routers are reported.

     map-mbone must be run as root.


     -d level    Sets the debug level to level.  When the debug level is
                 greater than 0, additional debugging messages are printed to
                 stderr.  Regardless of the debug level, an error condition
                 will always write an error message and will cause map-mbone
                 to terminate.  Non-zero debug levels are

                       1:   Print packet warnings, plus level 0 messages.

                       2:   Print notifications of down networks, plus level 1

                       3:   Print notifications of all packet timeouts, plus
                            level 2 messages.

                 Default is 0.

     -f          Causes a recursive (flooding) search.  If no starting_router
                 is specified, a recursive search is always performed.

     -g          Sets graphing format to GraphEd format.

     -n          Disables DNS lookup for the names of the multicast routers.

     -r count    Sets the neighbor query retry limit to count.  Default is 1.

     -t seconds  Sets the number of seconds to wait for a neighbor query reply
                 before retrying to seconds.  Default is 2.

     mrinfo(8), mrouted(8), mtrace(8)

     Pavel Curtis

OpenBSD 3.6                      June 13, 1999                               1