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MAKEDBM(8)                  System Manager's Manual                 MAKEDBM(8)

       makedbm - make a NIS ndbm file

       /usr/etc/yp/makedbm  [  -b  ]  [  -l ] [ -s ] [ -i yp_input_file ] [ -o
       yp_output_name ] [ -d yp_domain_name ] [  -m  yp_master_name  ]  infile

       makedbm [ -u dbmfilename ]

       makedbm takes infile and converts it to a pair of files in ndbm(3) for-
       mat, namely outfile.pag and outfile.dir.  Each line of the  input  file
       is  converted  to  a single dbm record.  All characters up to the first
       TAB or SPACE form the key, and the rest of the line is the data.  If  a
       line  ends  with  `\', then the data for that record is continued on to
       the next line.  It is left for the clients of the  Network  Information
       Service  (NIS)  to  interpret  #; makedbm does not itself treat it as a
       comment character.  infile can be `-', in which case the standard input
       is read.

       makedbm  is  meant  to be used in generating dbm files for the NIS ser-
       vice, and it generates a special entry with the  key  yp_last_modified,
       which is the date of infile (or the current time, if infile is `-').

       -b     Interdomain.   Propagate a map to all servers using the interdo-
              main name server named(8C).

       -l     Lowercase.  Convert the keys of the given map to lower case,  so
              that  host  name  matches,  for example, can work independent of
              upper or lower case distinctions.

       -s     Secure map.  Accept connections from secure NIS networks only.

       -i yp_input_file
              Create a special entry with the key yp_input_file.

       -o yp_output_name
              Create a special entry with the key yp_output_name.

       -d yp_domain_name
              Create a special entry with the key yp_domain_name.

       -m yp_master_name
              Create a special entry with the key yp_master_name.  If no  mas-
              ter  host  name  is specified, yp_master_name will be set to the
              local host name.

       -u dbmfilename
              Undo a dbm file.  That is, print out a dbm file  one  entry  per
              line, with a single space separating keys from values.

       It  is  easy  to  write shell scripts to convert standard files such as
       /etc/passwd to the key value form used by makedbm.  For example:

              #!/bin/awk -f
              BEGIN { FS = ":"; OFS = "\t"; }
              { print $1, $0 }

       takes the /etc/passwd file and converts it to a form that can  be  read
       by  makedbm  to make the NIS file passwd.byname.  That is, the key is a
       username, and the value is the remaining line in the /etc/passwd file.

       yppasswd(1), ndbm(3), named(8C)

       The Network Information Service (NIS) was formerly known as Sun  Yellow
       Pages  (YP).   The  functionality of the two remains the same; only the
       name has changed.

                               9 September 1987                     MAKEDBM(8)