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mailusradm(8)							mailusradm(8)


  mailusradm - Administer User Mail


  /usr/sbin/sysman mailusradm [-ui cui	[cuioptions] | gui  [x resources]]


  -ui Specifies	the user interface to be invoked. The choices are:

      cui     Invokes the command line interface.

      gui     Invokes the graphical user interface.

      Specific command line options that will be used to interact.

  [x resources]
      Specifies	the standard X11 resource options.  For	more information, see
      the X(1X)	reference page


  The Mail User	Administration application is used by the system administra-
  tor to administer the	mail system. Specifically, the mail administrator can
  change the mail service type of a single user, a group of users, or all the
  users	on a local system. The mail administrator can also delete defunct
  mail user accounts.

  The mail service types are:

    +  Local Mail

    +  Post Office Protocol (POP), which is designed to	allow single user
       computers to retrieve electronic	mail from a POP	server.	The POP
       server might be a computer with a permanent Internet connection where
       its clients might connect to it only occasionally.

    +  Internet	Message	Access Protocol	(IMAP),	which is a protocol that
       allows a	client to access and manipulate	electronic mail	messages on a
       server. IMAP allows the manipulation of remote message folders known
       as mailboxes. IMAP has operations for creating, deleting, and renaming
       mailboxes; for checking for new messages; for permanently removing
       messages; for searching;	and for	selective fetching of message attri-
       butes, text, and	other portions.	 It does not specify a means of	post-
       ing mail; a mail	transfer protocol, such	as SMTP, handles this func-

  Furthermore, the mail	administrator can specify the use of mail passwords
  on users under POP and IMAP.

  mailusradm has two user interface options:

    +  Graphical user interface	(GUI)

    +  Command line interface (CUI)

  Running the Graphical	User Interface Option:

  The mailusradm application can be invoked from:

       The CDE Application Manager
       Application Group: System_Admin
       Desktop_Apps Subgroup: Configuration

  To start mailusradm from the command line, enter:

       /usr/sbin/sysman	mailusradm -gui

  Running the Command Line Interface Option:

  To start the mailusradm command line interface, enter	the following command
  from the terminal:

       /usr/sbin/sysman	mailusradm -ui cui [cuioptions]


  You must have	the appropriate	privileges to use this application.


      Mail User	Administration application Help	Volume


  Commands: cyradm(1), dtmail(1), imapd(8), mailauth(8), mailconfig(8),

  System Administration