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lsmsa(8)							     lsmsa(8)


  lsmsa	- Starts the Storage Administrator (SA)	graphical user interface




  SA is	the graphical user interface for LSM and AdvFS.	SA runs	on a Tru64
  UNIX system supporting the Java Runtime Environment.

  If LSM is not	initialized and	running, then the GUI starts in	AdvFS-only

  Issue	the lsmsa command to display the SA main window.  This window serves
  both as the starting point for all SA	GUI-managed tasks and as a monitor
  for AdvFS and	LSM object status. When	the main window	is displayed, a
  hierarchical view of AdvFS and LSM objects is	presented. Clicking on an
  object displays the objects of that type and a table of information about

  The SA GUI requires that the SA daemon be running. It	is automatically
  started by lsmsa.

  To start Storage Administrator, enter:


  The Session Initiation dialog	box is displayed in which you enter the	fol-
  lowing information, then click on Ok:

   1.  The name	of the system to be administered in the	Host Server field

   2.  Root or your user name

   3.  The password associated with the	account

  When the GUI is started, the system attempts to connect it with the server
  process on the host named in the Host	Server field.


  To use this utility, you must	be the root user or be a member	of the LSMSA
  administration group in the /etc/group file  (lsmsa_admin by default). In
  addition, you	must register the Advanced File	System Utilities license.


      The SA preferences file stored in	the user's home	directory.


  Commands: lsmsad(8), volintro(8)

  Files: advfs(4)