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lmfsetup(8)							  lmfsetup(8)


  lmfsetup - License Management	Facility (LMF) registration script


  /usr/sbin/lmfsetup [template]


  You use the lmfsetup script to register data supplied	by a Product Authori-
  zation Key (PAK).  The lmfsetup script prompts you for the data associated
  with each field on a PAK. Once you enter all the data, LMF makes sure	you
  have supplied	entries	for all	mandatory fields and that the value in the
  Checksum field validates the license data. If	all data is correct, LMF
  registers the	PAK in the License Database. If	any data is incorrect, LMF
  displays the appropriate error message and gives you an opportunity to
  reenter the data.

  The template argument	allows you to register license data from templates in
  /usr/var/adm/lmf.  The templates stored in this directory are	created	by
  some software	products during	their installation process. When you use a
  template, the	script prompts you to supply data for any empty	fields in the
  template. If the lmfsetup script cannot find the specified template in
  /usr/var/adm/lmf, it searches	your current working directory.

  Use the lmfsetup script when you want	to register a PAK without using	an
  editor.  Normally, you should	use the	lmf register command. The lmf regis-
  ter command displays a template, which includes the fields on	the PAK, and
  invokes an editor so that you	can add	the license data to the	appropriate
  fields.  The lmf register command allows you to correct errors without hav-
  ing to reenter all the data.


  Command: lmf(8)

  Software License Management