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lastcomm(8)							  lastcomm(8)


  lastcomm - Outputs information about the last	commands executed


  lastcomm [Command] [Name] [Tty]


  The lastcomm command outputs information about all previously	executed com-
  mands	that are recorded in the /var/adm/pacct	file in	reverse	chronological

  You may specify a particular command with the	Command	parameter, a particu-
  lar user with	the Name parameter, and	a particular terminal as the command
  source with the Tty parameter. Output	is then	restricted to the specified
  parameters.  A Tty terminal may be named fully (for example, tty0) or
  abbreviated (for example, 0).

  The following	information is displayed for each process:

    +  Name of the command under which the process was called.

    +  Any options collected when the command was executed. The	following
       options are valid:

       S   Command was run with	an effective user-id of	0.

       F   Command ran after a fork, but without an exec system	call follow-
	   ing it.

    +  Name of the user	who issued the command.

    +  The terminal the	command	was started from.

    +  Seconds of CPU time used.

    +  Time the	process	started.


   1.  To display information about all	previously executed commands recorded
       in the /var/adm/pacct file, enter:

       Information is displayed	similar	to:

	    lastcomm	ajh	 lat/620	1.13 secs Thu Feb 24 15:02
	    pg		ajh	 lat/620	5.91 secs Thu Feb 24 15:01
	    ln		miller	 ttyp1		1.14 secs Thu Feb 24 15:01
	    ls		rob	 ttyp1		0.02 secs Thu Feb 24 15:01
	    pg		sjz	 ttyp1		0.33 secs Thu Feb 24 15:00
	    sendmail SF	root	 __		0.01 secs Thu Feb 24 15:00

   2.  To display information about commands named a.out executed by the root
       user on terminal	ttyd0, enter:
	    lastcomm a.out root	ttyd0


      Specifies	the command path

      The current accounting file


  Commands: last(8)