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last(8)								      last(8)


  last - Displays information about previous logins


  /usr/bin/last	[-n maxlines | -maxlines] [-f filename]	[name...] [tty...]


  -f filename
      Reads information	about previous logins from filename instead of from
      the accounting file /var/adm/wtmp.

      Limits the output	to maxlines number of record lines.

  -n maxlines
      Limits the output	to maxlines number of record lines. Provides SVID
      conformance, and is equivalent to	-maxlines.


  The last command displays, in	reverse	chronological order, all previous
  logins and logouts entered in	the currently active /var/adm/wtmp file. The
  list of output records can be	restricted to maxlines number of record	lines
  if the -maxlines or the -n maxlines option is	specified. The last command
  also displays	logins and logouts by the user specified with the name param-
  eter,	and logins and logouts from terminals specified	with the tty parame-
  ter.	The tty	terminal references can	be fully named (for example, tty0) or
  abbreviated (for example, 0).	For each process, the following	information
  is displayed according to session, with the most recent session listed

    +  Time session began

    +  Duration	of session

    +  The tty terminal	on which session took place

  The following	information is included	when applicable:

    +  Terminations when rebooting

    +  Continuing sessions

  If the last command is interrupted, an indication of how far the search has
  progressed in	the /var/adm/wtmp file is provided. If the command is inter-
  rupted by a quit signal, an indication as to how far the search has pro-
  gressed is provided, but the search continues.

  To obtain information	about the mean time between reboots, use the word
  shutdown as the name parameter.


   1.  The following example displays all recorded logins and logouts for
       user root and all recorded logins and logouts from the console termi-
	    last root console

   2.  The following example displays the time between system reboots:
	    % last shutdown
	    shutdown  ~				    Fri	Aug 28 17:59
	    shutdown  ~				    Mon	Aug 17 09:07

	    wtmp begins	Mon Aug	17 08:51

       In the previous example,	the shutdown pseudouser	is used	to list	the
       mean time between system	reboots.


      Specifies	the command path

      Header file defining structures used to organize login information

      The login/logout database	file


  Commands: lastcomm(8)

  Files: utmp(4), wtmp(4)