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la280of(8)							   la280of(8)


  la280of - Filter for the Japanese LA280 printer


  /usr/lbin/la280of [-c] [-h host] [-i indent] [-l length] [-L locale] [-n
  login] [-w width] [accounting_file]


  -c  Prints control characters.

  -h host
      Specifies	the host name of the job owner.	This name can contain
      Japanese characters.

  -i indent
      Specifies	the amount of indentation. The default value is	no (no inden-

  -l length
      Specifies	the page length	in lines. The default value is 66.

  -L locale
      Specifies	the codeset used by the	printer. This value must be a valid
      locale name. The default value is	ja_JP.deckanji.

  -n login
      Specifies	login name of the job owner. This name can contain Japanese

  -w width
      Specifies	the page width in columns. The default value is	132.


      Specifies	the file to record accounting information.


  The la280of filter is	used to	filter text data for the Japanese LA280
  printer. The filter handles the device dependencies of the printer and per-
  forms	accounting functions. At print job completion time, accounting
  records are written to the file specified by the af field in the
  /etc/printcap	file.

  The la280of filter can handle	plain text files and files that	have been
  preprocessed by nroff.  Either kind of file can contain non-ASCII charac-
  ters.	The la280of filter translates nroff control sequences for underlin-
  ing, superscripting, and subscripting	into the proper	control	sequences for
  the LA280 printer.

  The la280of filter can be the	specified filter in both the of	and the	if
  fields in the	/etc/printcap file. For	more information on these fields, see

  The LA280-J printer can be configured	to use the software on-demand loading
  (SoftODL) mechanism to print user-defined characters (UDCs). See
  i18n_printing(5) for more information	about SoftODL.

  To enable the	SoftODL	mechanism, set the ys value in /etc/printcap to	256.
  You can also set the default SoftODL database, style and size	through	the
  odldb	and odlstyle options for the ya	field.	If you set the yt value, set
  it to	fifo.  Refer to	printcap(4) for	more information on these fields and
  associated options.


  The lpr command supports a number of options associated with printer local-
  ization features.  The following can be used with the	la280of	filter:


	  To specify the SoftODL database path

	  To specify SoftODL font style	and size

  For more information on the lpr -A option, refer to lpr(1).


  The lf field (default	value is /dev/null) in the /etc/printcap file speci-
  fies the name	of the error log.


  Commands: lpr(1), pr(1), lpd(8), pac(8)

  Files: printcap(4)

  Others: i18n_printing(5)