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kreg(8)								      kreg(8)


  kreg - Maintains the system file that	registers kernel layered products


  /sbin/kreg -d	subset [-c NAME] | -l vendor subset path [-c NAME]


  -c NAME
      Causes the specified layered product to be loaded	or deleted from	the
      NAME.list	file for the given name	in addition to the
      /usr/sys/conf/.product.list file.	 Note that the NAME parameter is case
      sensitive	and must exactly match the NAME	prefix for the desired
      NAME.list	file.

  -d subset
      Deletes the entry	for the	specified layered product when you remove it
      from the system.

  -l vendor subset path
      Loads the	data that controls how to include the layered product in the
      kernel build process.


  The kreg command maintains the /usr/sys/conf/.product.list system file,
  which	registers static kernel	layered	products. The kreg command creates
  the file if it does not exist.  The file enables system utilities or user
  supplied commands to locate the kernel parts of a layered product, and it
  provides information about layered products.

  The kernel tools use the /usr/sys/conf/.product.list file to build a lay-
  ered product into the	kernel.	 You can use the file to register a static
  kernel layered product that has been loaded into the system.	The file also
  can be used by the layered product's Software	Control	Program	(SCP), which
  is called by the setld command.

  You copy the /usr/sys/conf/.product.list file	into the file that is used to
  extend the kernel configuration files	and that has the following syntax:


  The NAME variable specifies the system name that also	is used	in the system
  configuration	file that has the following syntax:


  The doconfig command also will copy the /usr/sys/conf/.product.list file.

  You can use the -c option to load or delete your layered product into	a
  specific NAME.list file as well as the .product.list file.  This is useful
  if you want to load your layered product into	a specific NAME.list file
  without requiring the	user to	either copy the	entire .product.list file to
  the NAME.list	file or	to manually edit the NAME.list file.

  The kreg command must	be invoked from	the root (/) directory.	 The command
  can be used only for subsets that are	loaded by using	the setld command.
  Also,	you must be superuser to use the kreg command.


      Contains kernel layered product information.

      Used to extend the kernel	configuration files.


  Commands: doconfig(8), setld(8)

  System Administration