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kmknod(8)							    kmknod(8)


  kmknod - Creates device special files	for static kernel layered products




  The kmknod command obtains information from a	running	kernel and determines
  if any device	special	files must be created for use by the kernel layered
  products that	are statically configured.

  To enable kmknod to create device special files, the statically configured
  kernel layered products must have been registered with the kreg command.


       To create device	special	files for the kernel layered products that
       are loadable modules, such as loadable device drivers, use the cfgmgr
       command instead of the kmknod command.

  The kmknod command first deletes any files that have matching	names and any
  files	that have both matching	major numbers and matching device types
  (block or character).	 After any matching files are deleted, the kmknod
  command creates all the required device special files.

  The /etc/inittab file	contains instructions to invoke	the kmknod command at
  boot time.

  You must be superuser	to invoke the kmknod command.


      Provides the init	program	with instructions for creating and running
      initialization processes.


  Commands: kmknod(8), kreg

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