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KEXTSTAT(8)               BSD System Manager's Manual              KEXTSTAT(8)

     kextstat -- display status of dynamically loaded kernel extensions

     kextstat [-b kext_bundle_id] [-k] [-l]

     The kextstat utility displays the status of any kernel extensions cur-
     rently loaded in the kernel.  The following information is shown for each
     loaded kernel extension:

     Index     The load index of the kernel extension (used to track refer-
               ences).  Gaps in the list indicate kernel extensions that have
               been unloaded.

     Refs      The number of references to this extension by others.  If
               nonzero, the extension cannot be unloaded.

     Address   The address in kernel space where the extension has been

     Size      The number of bytes of kernel memory that the extension occu-
               pies.  If this is zero, the extension is actually a built-in
               part of the kernel that has a record as an extension for
               resolving dependencies among extensions.

     Wired     The number of wired bytes of kernel memory that the extension

     Name      The CFBundleIdentifier of the kernel extension.

               The CFBundleVersion of the kernel extension.

     <Linked Against>
               The index numbers of all other kernel extensions that this
               extension has a reference to.

     The following options are available:

     -b kext_bundle_id
               Display the status of only the kernel extension with the given
               bundle identifier.  This option trumps the -k option; if both
               are given and a kernel component is specified, its information
               is shown.

     -k        Don't show information for built-in components of the kernel.

     -l        Print the list of loaded kexts only and omit the header (useful
               for running output through text-analysis tools).

     The kextstat utility exits with a status of 0 on success and with a
     nonzero status if an error occurs.

     kextcache(8), kextd(8), kextload(8), kextunload(8)

     The kextstat command is based on the command kldstat written by Doug
     Rabson <dfrATFreeBSD.org>

Darwin                          April 17, 2002                          Darwin