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KDB_EDIT(8)        BSD System Manager's Manual        KDB_EDIT(8)

       kdb_edit  -   Kerberos  key  distribution  center database
       editing utility

       kdb_edit [ -n ]

       kdb_edit is used to create or change principals stored  in
       the Kerberos key distribution center (KDC) database.

       When  executed, kdb_edit prompts for the master key string
       and verifies that it matches the master key stored in  the
       database.   If  the -n option is specified, the master key
       is instead fetched from the master key cache file.

       Once the master key has been verified, kdb_edit  begins  a
       prompt  loop.   The user is prompted for the principal and
       instance to be modified.  If the entry is  not  found  the
       user  may  create  it.  Once an entry is found or created,
       the user may set the password,  expiration  date,  maximum
       ticket   lifetime,  and  attributes.   Default  expiration
       dates, maximum ticket lifetimes, and attributes  are  pre-
       sented in brackets; if the user presses return the default
       is selected.  There is no default password.  The  password
       RANDOM  is  interpreted specially, and if entered the user
       may have the program select a random DES key for the prin-

       Upon  successfully  creating or changing the entry, ``Edit
       O.K.'' is printed.

       "verify_master_key: Invalid master key, does not match
                           The  master  key  string  entered  was

                           DBM files containing database

                           Master key cache file.

MIT Project Athena     Kerberos Version 4.0                     1