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ISPCVT(8)                 BSD System Manager's Manual                ISPCVT(8)

     ispcvt -- verify if current video driver is pcvt driver

     ispcvt [-c] [-d device] [-n] [-v]

     The ispcvt utility allows the user to check whether the current video
     driver compiled into the kernel is a pcvt driver.  The major and minor
     release numbers of the driver are also checked.  Furthermore ispcvt is
     also able to print out the values of all the ``PCVT_XXXXXX'' compile time
     options, the driver in the current running kernel was compiled with.

     The options are as follows:

     -d      Specifies a device for which the check is done.

     -v      Specifies being verbose.  On success the name and revision is
             reported, on failure which comparison failed.

     -n      print the number of compiled-in virtual terminals.

     -c      This options prints out the values of all ``PCVT_XXXXXX''
             #defines which were given to the compiler at the time the cur-
             rently running kernel was compiled.  Specifying -v with the -c
             option gives a verbose listing of the compile-time options.

     The ispcvt utility exits with one of the following values:

     0       driver is pcvt and major and minor numbers match
     1       open(2) or ioctl(2) system call failed
     2       driver name mismatch
     3       name matched, release major number mismatch
     4       name and major number matched, release minor number mismatch
     5       usage error


BSD                             March 27, 2000                             BSD