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ip6_setup(8)							 ip6_setup(8)


  ip6_setup - IPv6 configuration program




  The ip6_setup	utility	allows you to configure	the IPv6 networking software
  on your system.

  To run ip6_setup, enter the following	command	and then answer	the ques-

       # ip6_setup

  You must know	your Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)	address. If your net-
  work uses subnet routing, you	must know the subnet mask for your network.
  The network manager should be	able to	provide	you with the information that
  you need.

  After	the ip6_setup command completes, the network services on the system
  can be restarted manually with the following command:

       #  /usr/sbin/rcinet restart

  Before you restart the network services with the preceding command, warn
  the users that the network services on the system are	being removed.	File
  systems that were not	mounted	using the /etc/fstab file or the automount
  command must be unmounted with the umount command. You must remount these
  file systems using the mount command after the network is started on your

  Alternatively, you can reboot	the system with	the following command:

       # /usr/sbin/shutdown -r now


      Specifies	the IPv6 and IPv4 host name file.

      Specifies	the environment	variables that define the network configura-
      tion on your system.

      Specifies	Internet routing information.


  Commands: mount(8), rcinet(8)

  Files: ipnodes(4), routes(4).

  Network Administration: Connections