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INTR(8)                     System Manager's Manual                    INTR(8)

       intr - allow a command to be interruptible

       intr [ -anv ] [ -t seconds ] command [ arguments ]

       intr  executes command after altering the execution environment to make
       command to be interrutable.

       Since interactive  commands  are  by  default  interruptable,  intr  is
       intended  for  use  as a wrapper around commands started by the /etc/rc
       files; commands spawned from  these  files  are  not  interruptable  by
       default.  It has no other intended use than as a wrapper around /etc/rc

       The following signals are ignored as a result of wrapping intr around a

              SIGTSTP   terminal generated stop signal

              SIGTTIN   background read

              SIGTTOU   background write

       The following signals are reset to their default actions:

              SIGINT    interrupt signal

              SIGQUIT   quit signal

       -v        Echo the command in the form ' command' (note leading SPACE).

       -a        Echo the command and its arguments.

       -n        Do  not  echo  a  NEWLINE after the command or arguments (for
                 example `echo -n ...').

       -t secs   Arrange to have a SIGALRM signal delivered to the command  in
                 secs seconds.

       All of these examples assume that they are in an /etc/rc file, that is,
       talking to the console, and not run interactively.  The following exam-
       ple runs fsck(8) but allow it to be killed from the console:

              intr fsck -p -w / /usr

       Echoing is provided so that

              ypbind;  echo -n  ' ypbind'

       can be replaced with

              intr -vn ypbind

       Timeouts are provided so that the machine will not hang at boot:

              intr -t 10 rdate date_host

       echo(1V), login(1), init(8), rc(8)

       The -v option is a kludge.

                                20 January 1990                        INTR(8)