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INSTALL_SMALL_KERNEL(8)     System Manager's Manual    INSTALL_SMALL_KERNEL(8)

       install_small_kernel - install a small, pre-configured  kernel

       /usr/etc/install/install_small_kernel [ hostname ] ...

       install_small_kernel  is a script that installs a small, pre-configured
       kernel, GENERIC_SMALL on a host.  This  kernel  supports  approximately
       four users, and is only available for the following configurations:

              Sun-3/50 and Sun-3/60 systems with up to 2 SCSI disks,
                  1 SCSI tape
              Sun-3/80 systems with up to 4 SCSI disks, 1 SCSI tape
              Sun-4/110 systems with up to 2 SCSI disks, 1 SCSI tape
              SPARCsystem 330 systems with up to 4 SCSI disks,
                  1 SCSI tape
              SPARCstation 1, 1+, and 2 systems with up to 8 SCSI
                  disks, 4 SCSI tapes, 2 CD-ROM drives, 1 floppy disk

       If  hostname  is a server that does not fit any of the above configura-
       tions, install_small_kernel can be used to install the small kernel  on
       its clients.

       If  no hostnames are specified, install_small_kernel cycles through all
       the clients configured for a  server  to  determine  the  small  kernel
       installs  to  be  made.  If the 'small_kernel' flag in the client file,
       /etc/install/client.hostname is set to 'yes', that client will  not  be
       processed.   To force re-installation of a small kernel on any clients,
       simply call install_small_kernel with the appropriate client names.

       install_small_kernel prompts for confirmation before actually doing the
       install on any host.

       install_small_kernel  is  executable from the miniroot, as well as sin-
       gle-user and multi-user modes.  It supports standalone and server  con-
       figuration  in  all cases, but dataless systems are supported in multi-
       user mode only.  This script is restricted to the super-user.

                           kernel     configuration     file     for      arch

       add_client(8), add_services(8), rm_client(8).  suninstall(8)

                                7 October 1990         INSTALL_SMALL_KERNEL(8)