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UUCPD(8C)                                                            UUCPD(8C)

       uucpd - UUCP server


       This command is available with the uucp software  installation  option.
       Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       uucpd is the server for supporting UUCP connections over networks.

       uucpd is invoked by inetd(8C) when a  UUCP  connection  is  established
       (that  is,  a  connection  to  the port indicated in the "uucp" service
       specification; see services(5)), and executes the following protocol:

       1)     The server prompts with login:.  The uucico(8C) process  at  the
              other end must supply a username.

       2)     Unless the username refers to an account without a password, the
              server then prompts with Password:.  The uucico process  at  the
              other end must supply the password for that account.

       If  the username is not valid or is valid but refers to an account that
       does not have /usr/lib/uucp/uucico as its login shell, or if the  pass-
       word  is  not  the correct password for that account, the connection is
       dropped.  Otherwise, uucico is run, with the user ID, group  ID,  group
       set,  and  home  directory for that account, with the environment vari-
       ables USER and LOGNAME set to the specified username,  and  with  a  -u
       flag  specifying  the  username.  Entries are made in /var/adm/wtmp and
       /var/adm/lastlog for the username.

       /var/adm/wtmp       accounting
       /var/adm/lastlog    time of last login
       services(5), inetd(8C), uucico(8C)
       All diagnostic messages are returned on the connection, after which the
       connection is closed.
       user read
              An error occurred while reading the username.
       passwd read
              An error occurred while reading the password.
       Login incorect.
              The  username  is  invalid  or refers to an account with a login
              shell other than /usr/lib/uucp/uucico, or the  password  is  not
              the correct password for the account.

                                 12 June 1988                        UUCPD(8C)