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IMPLOG(8C)                                                          IMPLOG(8C)

       implog - IMP log interpreter

       /etc/implog [ -D ] [ -f ] [ -c ] [ -l [ link ] ] [ -h host# ] [ -i imp#
       ] [ -t message-type ]

       Implog  is  program  which  interprets  the  message  log  produced  by

       If  no arguments are specified, implog interprets and prints every mes-
       sage present in the message file.  Options may be  specified  to  force
       printing only a subset of the logged messages.

       -D     Do not show data messages.

       -f     Follow  the logging process in action.  This flags causes implog
              to print the current contents of the log file,  then  check  for
              new logged messages every 5 seconds.

       -c     In  addition to printing any data messages logged, show the con-
              tents of the data in hexadecimal bytes.

       -l [ link# ]
              Show only those messages received on the specified ``link''.  If
              no value is given for the link, the link number of the IP proto-
              col is assumed.

       -h host#
              Show only those  messages  received  from  the  specified  host.
              (Usually specified in conjunction with an imp.)

       -i imp#
              Show only those messages received from the specified imp.

       -t message-type
              Show only those messages received of the specified message type.

       imp(4P), implogd(8C)

       Can not specify multiple hosts, imps, etc.  Can not follow reception of
       messages without looking at those currently in the file.

4th Berkeley Distribution        2 April 1983                       IMPLOG(8C)