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IFCONFIG(8C)                                                      IFCONFIG(8C)

       ifconfig - configure network interface parameters

       /etc/ifconfig interface [ address ] [ parameters ]

       Ifconfig  is  used  to  assign an address to a network interface and/or
       configure network interface parameters.  Ifconfig must be used at  boot
       time  to  define  the  network  address  of each interface present on a
       machine; it may also be used at a later time to redefine an interface's
       address.   The  interface  parameter  is  a  string  of the form ``name
       unit'', e.g. ``en0'', while the address is either a host  name  present
       in  the  host  name  data  base,  hosts(5), or a DARPA Internet address
       expressed in the Internet standard ``dot notation''.

       The following parameters may be set with ifconfig:

       up             Mark an interface ``up''.

       down           Mark an interface ``down''.  When an interface is marked
                      ``down'',  the  system will not attempt to transmit mes-
                      sages through that interface.

       trailers       Enable the use of a ``trailer'' link level encapsulation
                      when sending (default).  If a network interface supports
                      trailers, the system will,  when  possible,  encapsulate
                      outgoing messages in a manner which minimizes the number
                      of memory to memory copy  operations  performed  by  the

       -trailers      Disable  the  use of a ``trailer'' link level encapsula-

       arp            Enable the use of the  Address  Resolution  Protocol  in
                      mapping  between  network level addresses and link level
                      addresses (default).  This is currently implemented  for
                      mapping  between DARPA Internet addreses and 10Mb/s Eth-
                      ernet addresses.

       -arp           Disable the use of the Address Resolution Protocol.

       Ifconfig displays the current configuration  for  a  network  interface
       when no optional parameters are supplied.

       Only  the  super-user  may modify the configuration of a network inter-

       Messages  indicating  the  specified  interface  does  not  exit,   the
       requested  address  is unknown, the user is not privileged and tried to
       alter an interface's configuration.

       rc(8), intro(4N), netstat(1)

4th Berkeley Distribution       28 August 1983                    IFCONFIG(8C)