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IASL(8)                   BSD System Manager's Manual                  IASL(8)

     iasl -- Intel ACPI compiler/decompiler

     iasl [-cefghl] [-b type] [-d file] [-dc file] [-hc] [-hr] [-i type] [-ln]
          [-ls] [-oa] [-of] [-oi] [-on] [-ot] [-p prefix] [-s type] [-t type]
          [-vi] [-vo] [-vr] [-vs] [-x level] input-file

     The iasl utility is a compiler/decompiler for ACPI Source Language (ASL)
     and ACPI Machine Language (AML).  Major features of iasl include:

           o   Full support for the ACPI 2.0b Specification including ASL
               grammar elements and operators.

           o   Extensive compiler syntax and semantic error checking, espe-
               cially in the area of control methods.  This reduces the number
               of errors that are not discovered until the AML code is actu-
               ally interpreted (i.e., the compile-time error checking reduces
               the number of run-time errors).

           o   Multiple types of output files, including formatted listing
               files with intermixed source, several types of AML files, and
               error messages.

     -b p|t|b
             Create compiler debug/trace file (*.txt).  Types:

     -c      Parse only, no output generation.

     -d file
             Disassemble AML to ASL source code file (*.dsl).

     -dc file
             Disassemble AML and immediately compile it.  (Obtain DSDT from
             current system if no input file.)

     -e      Generate External() statements for unresolved symbols.

     -f      Ignore errors, force creation of AML output file(s).

     -g      Get ACPI tables and write to files (*.dat).

     -h      Additional help and compiler debug options.

     -hc     Display operators allowed in constant expressions.

     -hr     Display ACPI reserved method names.

     -i a|c  Create assembler or C include file (*.inc or *.h).

     -l      Create mixed listing file (ASL source and AML) (*.lst).

     -ln     Create namespace file (*.nsp).

     -ls     Create combined source file (expanded includes) (*.src).

     -oa     Disable all optimizations (compatibility mode).

     -of     Disable constant folding.

     -oi     Disable integer optimization to Zero/One/Ones.

     -on     Disable named reference string optimization.

     -ot     Display compile times.

     -p prefix
             Specify filename prefix for all output files (including .aml).

     -s a|c  Create AML in assembler or C source file (*.asm or *.c).

     -t a|c  Create AML in assembler or C hex table (*.hex).

     -vi     Less verbose errors and warnings for use with IDEs.

     -vo     Enable optimization comments.

     -vr     Disable remarks.

     -vs     Disable signon.

     -x level
             Set debug level for trace output.

     acpi(4), acpidump(8)

     The iasl utility is provided with Intel ACPI-CA.  It first appeared in
     FreeBSD 5.2.

     The iasl utility was written by Intel.  This manual page was written by
     Nate Lawson.

BSD                             August 7, 2003                             BSD