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HOSTRFS(8)                  System Manager's Manual                 HOSTRFS(8)

       hostrfs - convert IP addresses to RFS format

       hostrfs hostname [ portnum ]

       This  program  is  available with the RFS software installation option.
       Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       hostrfs converts IP addresses to a format suitable for  use  by  Remote
       File Sharing (RFS).  It takes a hostname and an optional portnumber and
       produces an address in the following format:


       Each field given above is a  hex  ASCII  representation.   The  AF_INET
       field  is  the address family which always has the value 0002.  portnum
       is the two-byte TCP port number; if not specified on the  command  line
       it  defaults  to  1450.   IP-address  is the IP address of the hostname
       given on the command line followed by 16 trailing zeroes.

       The output of this command may be directly used as the network  address
       field  for  the  address of an RFS name server in the rfmaster(5) file.
       It may also be used as input to the nlsadmin (8) command to  initialize
       the  addresses  on  which  the  listener  program  listens  for service

       The output of

              example% hostrfs wopr



       The output of the command can be used to initialize the network address
       on  which the RFS listener program listens for remote service requests,
       for example:

              example# nlsadmin -l `hostrfs wopr` tcp

       rfmaster(5), nlsadmin(8)

                               19 September 1988                    HOSTRFS(8)