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GTCONFIG(8)                 System Manager's Manual                GTCONFIG(8)

       gtconfig   -  initialize  the  GT  Graphics  Accelerator  and  download

       /usr/etc/gtconfig [ -d device-filename ] [ -f filename ] [ -s0 filename
       ]  [  -s1  filename ] [ -I microcode-directory ] [ -E bit-code ] [ -g|G
       gamma-value ] [ -degamma8|DEGAMMA8 on|off [ -i ] [ -m|M monitor-type  ]
       [ -c 1-14 ] [ -w 2-9 ] [ -v ]

       gtconfig   initializes   the  GT  Graphics  Accelerator  and  downloads
       microcode from the host. It is normally run as a part of  /etc/rc.local
       to download GT microcode files and to complete GT initialization.

       The  standard  version of the file /etc/rc.local contains the following
       gtconfig command line:


       If  another  configuration  is  desired,  edit  the  command  line   in

       It  is  inadvisable  to  run  the gtconfig command while the configured
       device is being used; unpredictable results may occur.  If it is neces-
       sary to change the gtconfig command, bring the system down gently, boot
       single user, edit the gtconfig line  in  the  /etc/rc.local  file,  and
       bring the system back up multi-user.

       Filenames may be either relative or absolute pathnames.  Relative path-
       names are prepended with the path specified by -I, or the default  path

       -d device-filename
              Specifies the GT special file. The default is /dev/gt0.

       -f filename
              Specifies the Front End microcode file. The default is gt.ucode.

       -s0 filename
              Specifies  the  Setup Processor 0 microcode file. The default is

       -s1 filename
              Specifies the Setup Processor 1 microcode file. The  default  is

       -I microcode-directory
              Specifies  the directory containing microcode files. The default
              is /usr/lib.

       -E bit-code
              Initializes the cursor enable plane to contain all zeros or  all
              ones.  The default is 0.

       -g gamma-value
              Specifies the gamma correction value. The default is 2.22.

       -G gamma-value
              Loads  the  gamma correction table only; does not initialize the
              GT or download microcode.

       -degamma8 on|off
              Specifies automatic inverse gamma correction  of  8-bit  indexed
              color  maps.   This allows colormaps with built-in gamma correc-
              tion to work properly on GT.  The default is on.

       -DEGAMMA8 on|off
              Like degamma8, but only specifies automatic inverse  gamma  cor-
              rection; does not otherwise initialize GT or download microcode.

       -i     Initialize the GT backend.

       -m monitor-type
              Specifies  the  monitor type of 1280_76, 1280_67, or stereo. The
              default is 1280_67.

       -M monitor-type
              Sets the monitor type only; does not initialize the GT or  down-
              load microcode.

       -c 1-14
              Sets the OpenWindows server CLUT quota. The default is 8.

       -w 2-9 Sets the OpenWindows server WID plane quota. The default is 5.

       -v     Sets verbose mode.

       /dev/gt0                      GT Graphics Accelerator file
       gt.ucode                      GT Front End microcode file
       gt.c30.ucode                  Setup Processor 0  microcode file
       gt.c31.ucode                  Setup Processor 1 microcode file
       /usr/lib                      directory   that  normally  contains  the
                                     microcode files
       /etc/rc.local                 local boot script

       gt(4S), fbio(4S), mmap(2),

                                  2 July 1991                      GTCONFIG(8)