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GGATEC(8)                 BSD System Manager's Manual                GGATEC(8)

     ggatec -- GEOM Gate network client and control utility

     ggatec create [-n] [-v] [-o ro | wo | rw] [-p port] [-q queue_size]
            [-R rcvbuf] [-S sndbuf] [-s sectorsize] [-t timeout] [-u unit]
            host path
     ggatec attach [-n] [-v] [-o ro | wo | rw] [-p port] [-R rcvbuf]
            [-S sndbuf] -u unit host path
     ggatec destroy [-f] -u unit
     ggatec list [-v] [-u unit]

     The ggatec utility is a network client for GEOM Gate class.  It is
     responsible for creation of ggate devices and forwarding I/O requests
     between geom_gate.ko kernel module and ggated(8) network daemon.  Avail-
     able commands:

     create   Connect to given ggated(8) daemon and create a ggate provider
              related to the given remote file or device.

     attach   Attach a worker process to an existing ggate provider (create a
              new connection to the ggated(8) daemon).

     destroy  Destroy the given ggate provider.

     list     List ggate providers.

     Available options:

     -f               Forcibly destroy ggate provider (cancels all pending

     -n               Do not use TCP_NODELAY option on TCP sockets.

     -o ro | wo | rw  Specify permission to use when opening the file or
                      device: read-only (ro), write-only (wo), or read-write
                      (rw).  Default is rw.

     -p port          Port to connect to on the remote host.  Default is 3080.

     -q queue_size    Number of pending I/O requests that can be queued before
                      they will start to be canceled.  Default is 1024.

     -R rcvbuf        Size of receive buffer to use.  Default is 131072

     -S sndbuf        Size of send buffer to use.  Default is 131072 (128kB).

     -s sectorsize    Sector size for ggate provider.  If not specified, it is
                      taken from device, or set to 512 bytes for files.

     -t timeout       Number of seconds to wait before an I/O request will be
                      canceled.  0 means no timeout.  Default is 30.

     -u unit          Unit number to use.

     -v               Do not fork, run in foreground and print debug informa-
                      tions on standard output.

     host             Remote host to connect to.

     path             Path to a regular file or device.

     Made use of CD-ROM device from remote host.

           server# cat /etc/gg.exports
           client RO /dev/acd0
           server# ggated

           client# ggatec create -o ro server /dev/acd0
           client# mount_cd9660 /dev/ggate0 /cdrom

     Exit status is 0 on success, or 1 if the command fails.  To get details
     about the failure, ggatec should be called with the -v option.

     geom(4), ggated(8), ggatel(8), mount_cd9660(8)

     The ggatec utility as well as this manual page was written by Pawel Jakub
     Dawidek <pjdATFreeBSD.org>.

BSD                             April 26, 2004                             BSD