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getty(8)							     getty(8)


  getty	- Sets the terminal type, modes, speed,	and line discipline


  getty	[-h] [-t time] line speed_label	terminal line_discipline

  getty	-c file


  -h  Hold the carrier during the initialization phase;	do not hang up.

  -t time
      Set the time period to the specified number of seconds.  Drop the	line
      after that amount	of time	if nothing is typed.

  -c  Check the	specified gettydefs file.


  The getty command sets and manages terminals by setting up speed, terminal
  flags, and the line discipline. If command options are provided, getty
  adapts the system to those specifications.  getty prints the login prompt,
  waits	for the	user to	enter a	username, and invokes the login	command.

  getty	uses the /etc/gettydefs	file for terminal information.	The line
  argument refers to the device	name in	/dev. The speed_label argument is a
  pointer into the /etc/gettydefs file where the definitions for speed and
  other	associated options are located.	The terminal argument specifies	the
  name of the terminal type. The line_discipline argument specifies the	name
  of the line discipline.

  The second syntax for	the getty command provides a check option.  When
  getty	is invoked with	the -c option and filename argument, it	checks the
  specified file in the	same way it scans gettydefs for	terminal information,
  then prints the results to standard output.

  By default, the getty	daemon writes the login	string specified in the	mes-
  sage field of	the /etc/gettydefs file	to any terminal	spawned	or respawned
  from the /etc/inittab	file. If an /etc/issue file is present,	getty reads
  the file and writes its contents to the terminal prior to writing the	login
  string specified in the /etc/gettydefs file.


      Specifies	the command path.

      Specifies	the terminal line database file.

      Specifies	the path name for the issue identification file.


  Commands: init(8), login(1), stty(1)

  Files: issue(4).