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FUSER(8)                    System Manager's Manual                   FUSER(8)

       fuser - identify processes using a file or file structure

       /usr/etc/fuser  [  -ku  ]  filename|resource  [  -  ]  [[  -ku  ] file-
       name|resource ]

       fuser outputs the process IDs of the processes that are using the file-
       names  or  remote resources specified as arguments.  Each process ID is
       followed by a letter code.  Possible code letters and an explanation of
       how the process is using the file are given below:

              c      its current directory

              p      the  parent  of its current directory (only when the file
                     is being used by the system)

              r      its root directory

              v      process has exec'ed or mmap'ed file

       For block special devices with  mounted  file  systems,  all  processes
       using  any  file on that device are listed.  For remote resource names,
       all processes using any file associated with that remote  resource  are
       reported.   fuser  cannot use the mount point of the remote resource to
       report all  processes  using  any  file  associated  with  that  remote
       resource;  it must use the resource name.  For all other types of files
       (text files, executables, directories, devices,  etc.)  only  the  pro-
       cesses using that file are reported.

       The  process  IDs  are printed as a single line on the standard output,
       separated by SPACE characters and terminated  with  a  single  NEWLINE.
       All other output is written on standard error.

       Any user with permission to read /dev/kmem and /dev/mem can use fuser.

       Only the super-user can terminate another user's process

       If  more  than  one  group  of  files are specified, the options may be
       respecified for each additional group of files.

       -      Cancel the options currently in force.  The new set  of  options
              applies to the next group of files.

       -k     Send  SIGKILL  signal to each process.  Since this option spawns
              kills for each process, the kill messages may not show up  imme-
              diately (see kill(2V)).

       -u     User login name, in parentheses, also follows the process ID.

       /vmunix             system namelist
       /dev/kmem           system image
       /dev/mem            system image

       ps(1), kill(2V), signal(3V), mount(8)

                                 30 June 1988                         FUSER(8)