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FPUREL(8)                   System Manager's Manual                  FPUREL(8)

       fpurel - perform tests the Sun Floating Point Co-processor.

       fpurel [ -v ] [ -p[count] ] [ -r ]

       fpurel  performs a series of functional and computational tests for the
       Sun Floating Point Co-processor to verify that it  is  operational  and
       accurate.   With no options, fpurel runs one pass silently in the fore-
       ground and only reports errors if any are found.

       -v     Verbose.  Display the name and results of each test on the  con-
              sole.  The default is to run silently.

              Passcount.   Specify  the number of times to run the test suite.
              The default is to run one pass.

       -r     Disable stop on error.  Continue to run if errors are  detected.
              The  default is to display the error message and to stop testing
              when an error is detected.

       This example uses fpurel from the /usr/diag directory.   If  no  errors
       are detected, then no information is displayed.

              % /usr/diag/fpurel

                                6 October 1988                       FPUREL(8)