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FPAVERSION(8)               System Manager's Manual              FPAVERSION(8)

       fpaversion - print FPA version, load microcode

       fpaversion [ -chlqv ] [ -t [ cdhimprstvxCIMS ]]

       Available  only on Sun-3 and Sun-3x systems equipped with either an FPA
       or an FPA+.

       fpaversion performs various tests on the FPA or  FPA+.   Without  argu-
       ments,  it  prints the microcode version number and constants currently
       installed on /dev/fpa.  fpaversion also performs a quick test to ensure
       proper operation and reports whether an FPA or an FPA+ is installed.

       -c     Continue tests after an error.

       -h     Help.  Print command-line summary.

       -l     Loop through tests infinitely.

       -q     Quiet output.  Print out only error messages.

       -v     Verbose output.

       -t     Specify certain tests:

              c      Command register format instructions.

              d      Double precision format instructions.

              h      Help.  Print summary of test specifiers.

              i      Imask register.

              m      Mode register.

              p      Simple pipe sequencing.

              r      User registers for all contexts.

              s      Single precision format instructions.

              t      Status generation.

              v      Print  version  number  and  date  of microcode, and con-
                     stants.  Report whether an FPA or an FPA+ is installed.

              x      Extended format instructions.

              C      Check checksum for microcode, mapping RAM,  and  constant
                     RAM  for  the  FPA.  Check checksum for microcode RAM and
                     constant RAM for the FPA+.

              I      Allows interactive reads and writes to the FPA.

              M      Command register format matrix instructions.

              S      Shadow registers.

       /dev/fpa                      physical FPA device
       /usr/etc/fpa/fpa_micro_bin    microcode binaries for the FPA
       /usr/etc/fpa/fpa_micro_map    microcode map binaries for the FPA
       /usr/etc/fpa/fpa_constants    microcode data file for the FPA
       /usr/etc/fpa/fpa_micro_bin+   microcode binaries for the FPA+
       /usr/etc/fpa/fpa_constants+   microcode data file for the FPA+
       /usr/etc/fpa/fpa_download     microcode loader

       fpa_download(8), fparel(8), sundiag(8)

       If a test fails, its name, along with the actual and  expected  results
       will be printed.

                               28 September 1987                 FPAVERSION(8)