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FORE_DNLD(8)              BSD System Manager's Manual             FORE_DNLD(8)

     fore_dnld -- download FORE Systems' microcode into host ATM adapter

     fore_dnld [-3] [-i intf] [-d path] [-f objfile] [-r]

     The fore_dnld utility downloads FORE Systems' microcode into the host ATM

     -i intf
             Specify which ATM interface to download microcode to.  Default is
             to load microcode into all FORE Systems host adapters.

     -d path
             Specify the path to prepend to the objfile name.  Default is to
             use current directory.

     -f objfile
             Specify the microcode binary file.  Defaults are: sba200.obj for
             SBA-200 adapters, sba200e.obj for SBA-200E adapters, and
             pca200e.bin for PCA-200E adapters.

     For the PCA200E adapter, if no file is specified on the command line a
     built-in copy of version 4.1.12 microcode is used.  When the option -3 is
     specified version 3.0.1 microcode is used instead.

     Microcode as distributed by FORE Systems is not ready for downloading
     directly into SBA host ATM adapters.  Instead, the supplied microcode
     needs to be processed with the objcopy(1) command to create an image
     suitable for downloading.  Arguments to objcopy(1) are ``-S -l -Fcoff''.

     Microcode as distributed by FORE Systems for the PCA host ATM adapter
     does not need to be processed.

             command to process FORE Systems supplied microcode.

             microcode as supplied by FORE Systems for SBA adapters.

             microcode as supplied by FORE Systems for PCA adapters.

             HARP installation instructions.

     None known.

     Copyright (c) 1994-1998, Network Computing Services, Inc.

     John Cavanaugh, Minnesota Supercomputer Center, Inc.
     Mike Spengler, Minnesota Supercomputer Center, Inc.
     Joe Thomas, Minnesota Supercomputer Center, Inc.

     This software was developed under the sponsorship of the Defense Advanced
     Research Projects Agency (DARPA) under contract numbers F19628-92-C-0072
     and F19628-95-C-0215.

BSD                            December 3, 1996                            BSD