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fdetach(8)							   fdetach(8)


  fdetach - Detaches a STREAMS-based file descriptor from a file


  /usr/bin/fdetach path


  The fdetach command dissociates a STREAMS-based file descriptor from a
  file,	which is pointed to by the path	parameter.  The	STREAMS-based file
  descriptor was associated with the file by a prior program call, typically
  the fattach()|*O function.

  When this command is successful, it causes all path names that named the
  attached STREAMS file	to again name the file to which	the STREAMS file was
  attached.  All subsequent operations on the file pointed to by thepath
  parameter are	performed on the underlying file and not on the	STREAMS	file.

  The permissions and status of	the node are returned to the state that	they
  were in before the STREAMS file was attached.	Any other paths	that the
  STREAMS file may be attached to are not affected.

  To successfully issue	the fdetach command, the user must have	the appropri-
  ate permissions or must be the owner of the file and have write permission.


  To detach the	file descriptor	for the	STREAMS	file /tmp/streamfile from its
  associated file system node, enter:

       fdetach /tmp/streamfile


      Specifies	the command path.


  Functions: fattach(3), fdetach(3).

  Files: ffm(4), streamio(7)