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fddisk(8)							    fddisk(8)


  fddisk - FDI disk maintenance	utility


  /sbin/fddisk options special


  -f  Unless this option is specified, an attempt to format or to install a
      file system fails	in two cases.  The first failure occurs	when the dev-
      ice has been opened since	the media was inserted.	 The second failure
      occurs if	the device is currently	opened by another process.

      Formats the media	to the density appropriate for that media.

  -hexd	PSN
      Copies a hex dump	of sector number PSN to	stdout.

  -i nnn [ccc]
      Uses the interleave factor nnn for formatting.  If specified, ccc	indi-
      cates an additional intercylinder	interleave.

      Copies a packed-C	hex dump of the	entire disk to stdout.

  -s  Specifies	silent mode.  This option blocks informational messages	from
      appearing	on stderr.

      Reads the	entire media.  The command fails if the	utility	finds a	bad

      Waits for	media to be inserted into the drive if none is present.

      Waits for	new media to be	inserted into the drive	if none	is present or
      if the current media has been opened since it was	last inserted.

      Reads the	disk and reports on the	format of the disk.


      Specifies	an unmounted, raw device pathname.  This device	must be	an
      FDI interface (fd).


  The fddisk utility, an FDI (integrated Floppy	Disk Interface)	disk mainte-
  nance	program, can format a floppy disk, scan	a floppy disk for bad blocks,
  and read and write selected blocks.  It can be used in shell scripts for
  checking the status of floppy	disks.	Such status checks include checking
  for or waiting for the presence of media, and	checking for or	waiting	for
  the user to change the media.


  The fddisk utility has the following restrictions:

    +  You must	have read/write	access to the device.

    +  The device must not be mounted.

    +  The program can only be used with a 3.5-inch floppy disk	in the RX26

    +  In some cases, it might not be possible to format a floppy disk at a
       higher density than it is already formatted.  If	this situation
       occurs, the floppy disk must be bulk erased before it can be reformat-
       ted at a	higher density.


   1.  This example formats a floppy disk in drive zero:
	    # /sbin/fddisk -fmt	/dev/rdisk/floppy0a

   2.  This example formats a floppy disk in drive zero	when the disk has
       been read or written since it was inserted into the drive:
	    # /sbin/fddisk -fmt	-f /dev/rdisk/floppy0a


  Commands: mount(8), restore(8), uerf(8)

  Files: fd(7)