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EXTRACT_PATCH(8)            System Manager's Manual           EXTRACT_PATCH(8)

       extract_patch - extract and execute patch files from installation tapes

       extract_patch  [  -ddevice  [  -rremote-host  ]  ]  [  -ppatch-name ] [
       -DEFAULT ]

       extract_patch extracts a patch from a release  tape  onto  the  current
       system.   If  no  options  are specifed, it prompts for input as to the
       patch name, tape device, or remote hostname from which to the  software
       is  to  be  installed.   If  the named patch cannot be found, a list of
       valid patches are printed.

       If the named patch is found then the patch is extracted from  the  tape
       onto  the  system.  If there is a README file in the extracted contents
       then the user is given a chance to  view  it.   If  there  is  a  patch
       installation program the user is given a chance to run it.

       Patches  must  appear  in the tape's table of contents, and must have a
       name that starts with "Patch_".

              Install from the indicated tape drive, such as st0, or mt0.

              Install from the device given in the -d option on the  indicated
              remote host.

              Specifes the name of the patch to extract.

              Execute  the installation script using all default values.  Oth-
              erwise the installation script prompts for any optional values.


                                18 January 1990               EXTRACT_PATCH(8)