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ENVSTAT(8)                BSD System Manager's Manual               ENVSTAT(8)

     envstat -- display environmental sensor readings

     envstat [-flr] [-i interval] [-n headrep] [-s sensor1,sensor2,...]
             [-w width] [device]

     envstat displays sensor readings from any device which supports the
     envsys(4) API.  Readings are displayed in columns, one column per sensor.
     Column widths as well as displayed sensors are fully customizable.  The
     column headers display the name (stored in the device driver) as well as
     the units of each sensor.

     The options are as follows:

     -f    Display any temperature values in degrees Fahrenheit.  The default
           is to display temperature values in degrees Celsius.

     -l    List the names of all supported sensors, one per line.  Use of this
           flag causes envstat to ignore all other option flags.

     -i    Repeat the display every interval seconds.  Note that some devices
           do not provide fresh values on demand.  See the individual device's
           manual page for meaningful values for interval.  If not specified,
           or specified as 0, envstat produces one line of values and exits.

     -n    Display a new header every headrep lines.  An argument of 0 dis-
           ables header line printing completely.  The default is every 22

     -r    Display the sensors row wise.  This is useful when the number of
           sensors is large.  This option also displays fractional values when
           present (e.g., the percentage battery charge).

     -s    Restrict the display to the named sensors.  The sensor names must
           be supplied as a comma separated list.  Sensor names are case sen-

     -w    Use width as the column width for the output.  Each column is addi-
           tionally separated by a single space.  The default is either the
           length of the longest sensor name or spread evenly to fill 80 col-
           umns, whichever is greater.

     acpiacad(4), acpibat(4), acpitz(4), envsys(4), lm(4)

     envstat appeared in NetBSD 1.5.

BSD                             April 25, 2004                             BSD