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envmond(8)							   envmond(8)


  envmond - Environmental Monitoring daemon




  Environmental	Monitoring provides a means of detecting system	threshold
  conditions, that if exceeded,	could result in	a loss of data or damage to
  the system itself.  Using the	envmond	daemon,	thresholds levels can be
  checked and corrective action	can ensue before any damage occurs.

  The envmond daemon performs the following:

    +  Queries the system for exceeded threshold levels.

    +  Broadcasts a message to users warning of	high threshold conditions or
       fan failure, and	suggests corrective action.

    +  Sends a message to users	when a high temperature	condition has been

    +  Notifies	all users that an orderly shutdown is to be initiated if
       recovery	is not possible.

  To enable Environmental Monitoring, the envmond daemon must be started dur-
  ing the system boot, but after the eSNMP and Server System MIB agents	have
  started.  Before starting Environmental Monitoring, a	system check is	per-
  formed.  If the system hardware does not support Environmental Monitoring,
  the envmond daemon and Server	System MIB are not started.

  You can customize, start, and	stop the envmond daemon	using the envconfig
  utility.  For	more information, see the envconfig reference page.


      A	database that contains the values of the Environmental Monitoring


  Commands: envconfig(8)