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EDQUOTA(8)                  System Manager's Manual                 EDQUOTA(8)

       edquota - edit user quotas

       /usr/etc/edquota [ -p proto-user ] usernames...

       /usr/etc/edquota -t

       edquota  is  a quota editor.  One or more users may be specified on the
       command line.  For each user a temporary file is created with an  ASCII
       representation  of  the current disk quotas for that user and an editor
       is then invoked on the file.  The quotas may then be modified, new quo-
       tas  added,  etc.  Upon leaving the editor, edquota reads the temporary
       file and modifies the binary quota files to reflect the changes made.

       The editor invoked is vi(1)  unless  the  EDITOR  environment  variable
       specifies otherwise.

       Only the super-user may edit quotas.  (In order for quotas to be estab-
       lished on a file system, the root directory of  the  file  system  must
       contain  a  file,  owned  by  root,  called quotas.  See quotaon(8) for

       -p     Duplicate the quotas of the prototypical user specified for each
              user specified.  This is the normal mechanism used to initialize
              quotas for groups of users.

       -t     Edit the soft time limits for each file  system.   If  the  time
              limits  are  zero,  the default time limits in <&lt;ufs/quota.h>&gt; are
              used.  Time units  of  sec(onds),  min(utes),  hour(s),  day(s),
              week(s),  and  month(s) are understood.  Time limits are printed
              in the greatest possible  time  unit  such  that  the  value  is
              greater than or equal to one.

       quotas              quota file at the file system root
       /etc/mtab           mounted file systems

       quota(1), vi(1), quotactl(2), quotacheck(8), quotaon(8), repquota(8)

       The format of the temporary file is inscrutable.

4th Berkeley Distribution      9 September 1987                     EDQUOTA(8)