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dynamic_pager(8)          BSD System Manager's Manual         dynamic_pager(8)

     dynamic_pager -- dynamic pager external storage manager

     dynamic_pager [-F filename] [-S filesize] [-H high-water-trigger]
                   [-L low-water-trigger] [-P priority]

     The dynamic_pager daemon manages a pool of external swap files which the
     kernel uses to support demand paging.  This pool is expanded with new
     swap files as load on the system increases, and contracted when the swap-
     ping resources are no longer needed.  The dynamic_pager daemon also pro-
     vides a notification service for those applications which wish to receive
     notices when the external paging pool expands or contracts.

     -F      The base name of the filename to use for the external paging
             files.  By default this is /private/var/vm/swapfile.

     -S      The fixed filesize [in bytes] to use for the paging files.  By
             default dynamic_pager uses variable sized paging files, using
             larger sized files as paging demands increase.  The -S, -H and -L
             options disable that default and cause dynamic_pager to use a
             series of fixed sized external paging files.

     -H      If there are less than high-water-trigger bytes free in the
             external paging files, the kernel will signal dynamic_pager to
             add a new external paging file.

     -L      If there are more than low-water-trigger bytes free in the exter-
             nal paging files, the kernel will coalese in-use pages and signal
             dynamic_pager to discard an external paging file.
             Low-water-trigger must be greater than high-water-trigger +

     -P      This option is currently unimplemented.

     /private/var/vm/swapfile*  Default external paging files.

     macx_swapon(2), macx_swapoff(2).

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