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dxshutdown(8)							dxshutdown(8)


  dxshutdown - Performs	various	types of automated system shutdown.




  The dxshutdown command accepts all of	the standard X Toolkit command-line
  options, which are documented	in the OPTIONS section of the X(1X) reference


  The Shutdown Manager application, dxshutdown,	provides the system adminis-
  trator with a	graphical user interface for running user-specified scripts
  at shutdown time in addition to performing the following types of automated
  system shutdown:

    +  Halt (and restart console mode)

    +  Reboot

    +  Single-user mode	shutdown

    +  Message-only shutdown

  Dependencies:	None.  You do not need to configure anything prior to running
  Shutdown Manager.

  You must be root to run Shutdown Manager.

  Shutdown Manager also	lets the system	administrator display one or more
  warning messages prior to system shutdown. The dxshutdown command uses the
  Tru64	UNIX shutdown command as an API, passing command-line arguments	as
  specified by application defaults and	user inputs.

  The Shutdown Manager also provides the following features, which the shut-
  down command does not	provide:

    +  Selection of a preshutdown script to be executed	prior to system	shut-

    +  Easy cancellation for a shutdown	while the timed	countdown is in	pro-

    +  Maintenance of an error-and-script output log under

    +  Saving and restoring user-selected shutdown options over	multiple
       invocations of the Shutdown Manager application

  For additional information about the graphical user interface, see the
  online help volume, which is available from the Help button in the main
  window of the	Shutdown Manager application.

  To start dxshutdown from the graphical user interface:

   1.  Click on	the Application	Manager	icon on	the CDE	front panel.

   2.  Double click on the System_Admin	application group icon.

   3.  Double click on the Daily Admin application group icon.

   4.  Double click on the Shutdown Manager application	icon.


   1.  To start	Shutdown Manager from the command line,	enter:

   2.  To open the Shutdown Manager help volume	from the command line, enter
       the following command:
	    /usr/dt/bin/dthelpview -h \


      Shutdown Manager executable

      Shutdown Manager log file

      Shutdown Manager help volume

      Shutdown Manager resource	file (for option settings)


  Commands: fasthalt(8), halt(8), rc0(8), reboot(8), rwalld(8),	shutdown(8),
  sync(8), X(1X)