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dxpower(8)							   dxpower(8)


  dxpower - controls energy saving features on systems that can	be power




  The Power Manager application, dxpower, is used to maintain and manage the
  power	management features on computers and peripherals that can be power

  Power	Manager	lets you place monitors	in three power saving modes: Standby,
  Suspend, or Off and lets you selectively spin	down inactive disks to reduce
  power	consumption.  You also can specify when	you want power management
  features to be active: always, never,	or only	at a specific time of day.

  Privileged (root) users have the capability to set system wide power
  management values.  Non-privileged users set power management	values on
  their	monitors for the current log in	session.

  The Power Manager application	can be invoked from:

   1.  The CDE Application Manager

   2.  Application Group: System_Admin

   3.  System Admin Subgroup:  DailyAdmin

  If you are not using CDE, start Power	Manager	from the command line:

       # /usr/bin/X11/dxpower

  For more information about how to use	the Power Manager application, start
  the application and click on the Help	button.

  An alternative to using the Power Manager application	is to set and control
  power	management attributes from the command line by using the sysconfig
  command. Refer to System Administration for more information about setting
  and controlling power	management from	the command line.


  Commands: sysconfig(8)

  System Administration