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dxlicenses(8)							dxlicenses(8)


  dxlicenses - Adds, lists, issues, and	deletes	software product licenses




  When you buy software, the vendor from which you purchase the	software
  issues an agreement called a license,	which gives you	authorization to use
  the product.	Most of	the information	required by the	License	Manager	can
  be found on the Product Authorization	Key (PAK), which is issued by Compaq
  when you purchase a software license.

  Use the License Manager application, dxlicenses, to:

    +  Add a licensed software product

    +  Modify a	licensed software product

    +  List a licensed software	product

    +  Issue a modified	license	product

    +  Delete a	licensed software product

  The License Manager application can be invoked from the CDE Application
  Manager from the following categories:

  Application Group:	   System_Admin
  System Admin Subgroup:   Daily Admin

  In License Manager, online help is available by clicking on any Help button
  or by	using the Help pull-down menu.


      The License Manager application executable file

      The License Manager help volume

      The Directory containing License Manager application icons

      The License Manager defaults file	that sets the default values for the
      X	resources


  Commands: lmf(8), lmfsetup(8)

  Software License Management