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dxkerneltuner(8)					     dxkerneltuner(8)


  dxkerneltuner	- Modifies or displays kernel subsystem	attributes




  The Kernel Tuner application accepts all of the standard X Toolkit
  command-line options,	which are documented in	the OPTIONS section of the
  X(1X)	reference page.


  The Kernel Tuner application,	dxkerneltuner, is used to maintain and manage
  the attributes of loadable kernel subsystems.	It enables you to update the
  current and boot time	values of updatable kernel subsystem attributes.

  Use Kernel Tuner to:

    +  Display kernel subsystems

    +  Display boot time and current values of kernel subsystem	attributes

    +  Modify boot time	values of kernel subsystem attributes

    +  Modify current values of	updatable kernel subsystem attributes

    +  Read values for kernel subsystem	attributes from	a file

    +  Write values for	kernel subsystem attributes to a file

  You must have	root privileges	to run the Kernel Tuner	application.

  The Kernel Tuner application can be invoked from the CDE Application
  Manager from the following categories:

  Application Group:	   System_Admin
  System Admin Subgroup:   Monitoring and Tuning

  For additional information about the graphical user interface, see the
  online help volume. The online help does not describe	kernel subsystem
  attributes.  For information on tuning particular attributes,	refer to Sys-
  tem Configuration and	Tuning.	 See sys_attrs(5) for information on attri-
  bute values.


   1.  To start	the Kernel Tuner application from the command line, enter:

   2.  To view the Kernel Tuner	online help volume without running the appli-
       cation, enter the following command:
	    /usr/dt/bin/dthelpview -h \


      Contains the Kernel Tuner	application

      Contains the Kernel Tuner	help volume

      Contains the default values for the application's	X resources


  Commands: sysconfig(8), X(1X)

  Files: sysconfigtab(4)

  Misc:	sys_attrs(5)

  System Configuration and Tuning