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dxaccounts(8)							dxaccounts(8)


  dxaccounts - Graphical interface for account administration




  The Account Manager application, dxaccounts, helps you manage	user accounts
  on your Tru64	UNIX system. It	operates on both base security level systems
  and enhanced security	(C2) level systems.

  The Account Manager application lets you manage both the local and Network
  Information Service (NIS) UNIX account databases. NIS	is used	in order to
  centrally manage user	accounts in a network environment. NIS lets partici-
  pating systems share a common	set of passwd and group	files. NIS uses	a
  client-server	model.

  When the Advanced Server for Tru64 UNIX product is installed,	the Account
  Manager application allows you to perform domain user	account	management
  for PC users.

  To start Account Manager from	the CDE	desktop:Choose

   1.  the Application Manager from the	CDE front panel.

   2.  Choose the System_Admin group.

   3.  Choose the DailyAdmin group.

   4.  Click on	the Account Manager icon.

  Online help is available for the dxaccounts application. To get help,	click
  on any Help button or	use the	Help pull-down menu.

  Account Manager replaces the XSysAdmin(8) and	XIsso(8) applications.


  You must have	root privileges	to modify system files with this application.
  If dxaccounts	is run without root permission,	you may	view but not modify
  account information.

  In order to make changes to the NIS databases, you must run Account Manager
  on the machine designated as the NIS server.


	  Defaults that	are shared by the graphical user and command-line

	  System and account defaults (enhanced	security only)

	  Group	information for	local groups

	  Account information for local	user accounts

	  List of shells on the	system

	  Group	information for	NIS groups (on an NIS master)

	  Account information for NIS user accounts (on	an NIS master)

	  Protected password authentication database files (enhanced security

	  Protected password database (enhanced	security only)

	  Protected password database (enhanced	security only)

	  Account Manager application

	  Account Manager help volume

	  Account Manager help volume for enhanced security

	  Directory containing Account Manager application icons

	  Application defaults file that sets the default values for the X

	  Account Manager message catalog

	  Default directory for	user account initial files


  Commands: auditmask(8), authck(8), groupadd(8), groupdel(8), groupmod(8),
  login(1), nis_intro(7), passwd(1), secsetup(8), useradd(8), userdel(8),
  usermod(8), XIsso(8),	XSysAdmin(8)

  Functions: acceptable_password(3), getprpwent(3), getpwent(3)

  Files: authcap(4), default(4), group(4), passwd(4)

  Manuals: System Administration, Advanced Server for UNIX Installation	and
  Administration, Advanced Server for UNIX Concepts and	Planning</docbook>