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dtsetup(8)							   dtsetup(8)


  dtsetup - Configure and Customize the	Common Desktop Environment (CDE)


  /usr/dt/bin/dtsetup X	resources


  X resources
      Specifies	the standard X11 resource options. For more information, see
      the X(1X)	reference page.


  The CDE Setup	application, dtsetup, provides you with	a mechanism to cus-
  tomize your Common Desktop Environment by using a graphical user interface.

  It also provides System Administrators a means to create a CDE environment
  for various types of users.

  When you invoke the CDE Setup	application, a panel of	four icons are
  displayed: Quick Setup, Desktop, Login, and Services.

  From the Quick Setup icon, you or the	system administrator can provide
  minimal entries to configure CDE.

  The Desktop icon lets	you or the system administrator	set up the front
  panel, establish various window manager resources, define starting applica-
  tions, and set parameters for	the terminal, dtmail, and dtfile applica-

  The Login icon lets you provide information about your login session,	while
  the system administrator can also set	up the system login greetings, and
  set up the X server configuration.

  The Services icon has	fields for various services configuration. You are
  restricted to	the choice of whether to run the Motif/OpenLook	DND gateway.
  The system administrator has additional choices regarding the	ToolTalk Ses-
  sion and ToolTalk Database server, as	well as	disabling network dependency
  and allowing inbound remote process execution.

  The CDE Setup	application provides an	effortless way of assembling the CDE
  front	panel from available controls. Furthermore, by providing various file
  names	and other specifications, the CDE Setup	application allows you to
  create your own controls.

  The CDE setup	application can	be invoked from:

       The CDE Application Manager.
       Application Group: System_Admin
       Desktop_Apps Subgroup: Configuration

  To start the dtsetup application from	the command line, enter

  Online help is available for the dxmtools application.  To get help, click
  on any Help button or	use the	Help pull-down menu.


  You must have	superuser privileges to	access the full	functionality of this


      CDE setup	application executable

      CDE setup	online help volume


  Commands: dtlogin(1),	ttdbserverd(1),	ttsession(1), X(1X), xdm(1X),

  Files: dtfpfile(4)

  Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

  Common Desktop Environment: Advanced User's and System Administrator's

  CDE Companion