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DRTEST(8)                   System Manager's Manual                  DRTEST(8)

       drtest - standalone disk test program

       Drtest  is a standalone program used to read a disk track by track.  It
       was primarily intended as a test program for  new  standalone  drivers,
       but has shown useful in other contexts as well, such as verifying disks
       and running speed tests. For example, when a disk  has  been  formatted
       (by  format(8)),  you can check that hard errors has been taken care of
       by running drtest.  No hard errors should be found, but in  many  cases
       quite a few soft ECC errors will be reported.

       While  drtest is running, the cylinder number is printed on the console
       for every 10th cylinder read.

       A sample run of drtest is shown below.  In this example (using a  750),
       drtest  is  loaded from the root file system; usually it will be loaded
       from the machine's console storage device.  Boldface means user  input.
       As usual, ``#'' and ``@'' may be used to edit input.

            loading hk(0,0)boot
            : hk(0,0)drtest
            Test program for stand-alone up and hp driver

            Debugging level (1=bse, 2=ecc, 3=bse+ecc)?
            Enter disk name [type(adapter,unit), e.g. hp(1,3)]? hp(0,0)
            Device data: #cylinders=1024, #tracks=16, #sectors=32
            Testing hp(0,0), chunk size is 16384 bytes.
            (chunk size is the number of bytes read per disk access)
            Start ...Make sure hp(0,0) is online
            (errors are reported as they occur)
            (...program restarts to allow checking other disks)
            (...to abort halt machine with ^P)

       The  diagnostics  are  intended  to be self explanatory. Note, however,
       that the device number in the  diagnostic  messages  is  identified  as
       typeX instead of type(a,u) where X = a*8+u, e.g., hp(1,3) becomes hp11.

       format(8), bad144(8)

       Helge Skrivervik

4th Berkeley Distribution       26 January 1983                      DRTEST(8)