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DPKG-QUERY(8)                     dpkg suite                     DPKG-QUERY(8)

       dpkg-query - a tool to query the dpkg database


       dpkg-query  is  a tool to show information about packages listed in the
       dpkg database.

       -l | --list package-name-pattern ...
              List packages matching given pattern. If no package-name-pattern
              is  given,  list  all  packages in /var/lib/dpkg/status.  Normal
              shell wildchars are allowed in package-name-pattern. Please note
              you  will probably have to quote package-name-pattern to prevent
              the shell from performing filename expansion. For  example  this
              will list all package names starting with "libc5":

                dpkg-query -l 'libc5*'

       -W | --show package-name-pattern ...
              Just like the --list option this will list all packages matching
              the given pattern. However the output can  be  customized  using
              the --showformat option.

       -s | --status package-name ...
              Report status of specified package. This just displays the entry
              in the installed package status database.

       -L | --listfiles package ...
              List files installed to your system from package.  However, note
              that  files created by package-specific installation-scripts are
              not listed.

       -S | --search filename-search-pattern ...
              Search for a filename  from  installed  packages.  All  standard
              shell  wildchars  can be used in the pattern.  This command will
              not list extra files created by maintainer scripts, nor will  it
              list alternatives.

       -p |--print-avail package
              Display  details about package, as found in /var/lib/dpkg/avail-

       --licence | --license
              Display licence and copyright information.

              Display version information.

              Change the location of the dpkg database. The  default  location
              is /var/lib/dpkg.

              This  option  is used to specify the format of the output --show
              will produce.  The format is a string that will  be  output  for
              each   package  listed.  It  can  include  the  standard  escape
              sequences \n (newline), \r (carriage return) or \\ (plain  back-
              slash).  Package  information can be included by inserting vari-
              able references to package fields using the ${var[;width]}  syn-
              tax.  Fields  are  printed  be right-aligned unless the width is
              negative in which case left alignment will be used.

              This setting influences the  output  of  the  --list  option  by
              changing the width of its output.

       Copyright      2001      Wichert     Akkerman     <wakkermaATdebian.org>

       This is free software; see the GNU General Public Licence version 2  or
       later for copying conditions.  There is NO warranty.


Debian Project                    August 2001                    DPKG-QUERY(8)