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DPKG-DIVERT(8)                  dpkg utilities                  DPKG-DIVERT(8)

       dpkg-divert - override a package's version of a file

       dpkg-divert [options] [--add] <file>
       dpkg-divert [options] --remove <file>
       dpkg-divert [options] --list <glob-pattern>
       dpkg-divert [options] --truename <file>

       File  `diversions' are a way of forcing dpkg not to install a file into
       its location, but to a `diverted'  location.  Diversions  can  be  used
       through the Debian package scripts to move a file away when it causes a
       conflict. System administrators can also use it to override some  pack-
       age's  configuration  file, or whenever some files (which aren't marked
       as 'conffiles') need to be preserved by dpkg, when installing  a  newer
       version of a package which contains those files.

       dpkg-divert is the utility used to set up and update the list of diver-
       sions. It functions in three basic modes - adding, removing, and  list-
       ing  diversions.   The options are --add, --remove, and --list, respec-
       tively. Additionally, it can print out the real  name  for  a  diverted
       file. Other options (listed below) may also be specified.

       --admindir <directory>
              Set   the   dpkg   data   directory   to  <directory>  (default:

       --divert &lt;divert-to&gt;
              <divert-to> is the name used by other packages' versions.

       --help Output the version and the short usage  instructions,  and  exit

              Specifies that all packages' versions are diverted.

       --package &lt;package&gt;
              <package> is the name of a package whose copy of <file> will not
              be diverted.

              Quiet mode, i.e. no verbose output.

              Actually move the file aside (or back). dpkg-divert  will  abort
              operation in case the destination file already exists.

       --test Test  mode, i.e. don't actually perform any changes, just demon-

              Output program name and version and exit successfully.

       When adding, default is --local and --divert <original>.distrib.   When
       removing, --package or --local and --divert must match if specified.

       Directories can't be diverted with dpkg-divert.

       Care should be taken when diverting shared libraries, ldconfig (8) cre-
       ates a symbolic link based on  the  DT_SONAME  field  embedded  in  the
       library.   Because ldconfig doesn't honour diverts (only dpkg does), if
       a diverted library has the same SONAME as the undiverted one  the  sym-
       link may end up pointing at the diverted library.

              File  which  contains the current list of diversions of the sys-
              tem. It is located in the dpkg administration  directory,  along
              with  other files important to dpkg, such as `status' or `avail-
              Note: dpkg-divert preserves the old  copy  of  this  file,  with
              extension "-old", before replacing it with the new one.


       Copyright (C) 1995 Ian Jackson.

       This  is free software; see the GNU General Public Licence version 2 or
       later for copying conditions.  There is NO warranty.

Debian Project                   December 1999                  DPKG-DIVERT(8)