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DORFS(8)                    System Manager's Manual                   DORFS(8)

       dorfs - initialize, start and stop RFS automatically

       dorfs init domain  netspec [address]
       dorfs start [ -v ]
       dorfs stop

       This  program  is  available with the RFS software installation option.
       Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       dorfs sets up necessary environment to run Remote File  Sharing  (RFS).
       You can also use it to start or stop RFS automatically, after its envi-
       ronment is initialized.  The environment only needs to be set  up  once
       and  /usr/nserve/rfmaster must exist before the environment is initial-
       ized.  Descriptions of /usr/nserve/rfmaster are  in  rfmaster(5).   You
       must be the super-user to run this command.

       init  domain  netspec[address]
              domain  is the name of the RFS domain.  netspec is the name of a
              device file in the /dev directory which represents the  streams-
              based  transport provider on which RFS will run.  Currently, tcp
              is the only accepted value  for  this  field.   address  is  the
              optional  tcp port number on which the listener will listen.  If
              unspecified, it defaults to 0x1450.  This subcommand only  needs
              to  be  run once to initialize the environment.  You do not need
              to rerun dorfs with the init argument, unless you want to change
              netspec.   /usr/nserve/rfmaster  must exists before you run this
              command to initialize  the  environment.   To  reinitialize  the
              environment,    you    need    to   remove   /usr/nserve/domain,
              /usr/nserve/netspec,      /var/net/nls/netspec/address       and
              /var/net/nls/netspec/dbf beforehand.

       start [ -v ]
              Start  RFS  automatically.   It  also  automatically  advertises
              resources that are stored in /etc/rstab and mounts RFS resources
              that are stored in /etc/fstab.

                     -v     Verify clients on mounts (see `rfstart -v').

       stop   Takes down RFS by forced unmounting of all advertised resources,
              umounting all remotely mounted resources, executing rfstop,  and
              stopping listener.


       rfmaster(5),  dname(8),  fumount(8), mount(8), nlsadmin(8), rfstart(8),

                               30 September 1988                      DORFS(8)