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DNAME(8)                    System Manager's Manual                   DNAME(8)

       dname - print RFS domain and network names

       dname [ -adn ] [ -D domain ] [ -N netspec ]

       This  program  is  available with the RFS software installation option.
       Refer to for information on how to install optional software.

       dname prints or defines a host's Remote File Sharing (RFS) domain  name
       or the network used by RFS as transport provider.

       When  dname  is  used  to  change a domain name, the host's password is
       removed.  The administrator will be prompted for  a  new  password  the
       next time RFS is started.  See rfstart(8).

       If dname is used with no options, it defaults to `dname  -d'.

       You cannot use the -D or -N options while RFS is running.

       -a     Print both the domain name and network name.

       -d     Print the domain name.

       -n     Print the network name.

       -D domain
              Set  the  domain  name  for the host.  domain must consist of no
              more than 14 characters, consisting of any combination  of  let-
              ters  (upper  and  lower  case), digits, hyphens (-), and under-
              scores (_).  This option is restricted to the super-user.

       -N netspec
              Set the network specification used for RFS.  netspec is the net-
              work  device name, relative to the /dev directory.  For example,
              the TCP transport device, /dev/tcp uses  tcp.   This  option  is
              restricted to the super-user.


       This  domain  name  is  not  related to the Network Information Service
       (NIS) domain name.  Note: NIS was formerly known as  Sun  Yellow  Pages
       (YP).  The functionality of the two remains the same; only the name has

                                 30 June 1988                         DNAME(8)