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DMESG(8)                    System Manager's Manual                   DMESG(8)

       dmesg - collect system diagnostic messages to form error log

       /etc/dmesg [ - ]

       Dmesg looks in a system buffer for recently printed diagnostic messages
       and prints them on the standard output.  The messages are those printed
       by  the  system  when device (hardware) errors occur and (occasionally)
       when system tables overflow non-fatally.  If the - flag is given,  then
       dmesg  computes (incrementally) the new messages since the last time it
       was run and places these on the standard  output.   This  is  typically
       used with cron(8) to produce the error log /usr/adm/messages by running
       the command

              /etc/dmesg - >> /usr/adm/messages

       every 10 minutes.

       /usr/adm/messages   error log (conventional location)
       /usr/adm/msgbuf     scratch file for memory of - option

       The system error message buffer is of small finite size.  As  dmesg  is
       run only every few minutes, not all error messages are guaranteed to be
       logged.  This can be construed as a blessing rather than a curse.

       Error diagnostics generated immediately  before  a  system  crash  will
       never get logged.

4th Berkeley Distribution       4 February 1983                       DMESG(8)